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"Haters" take soccer championship

by Yvonne Lozano, Etcetera editor

About 200 spectators attended the second annual Ultimate Soccer Cup held by the German Student Association on Oct. 4 at the HPU Hawai‘i Loa campus.

Nine teams participated in the event, but it all came down to a nail-biting showdown between two teams, the Haters, a mixed nationality team, and Brasa, a Brazilian team. The game was tied 1-1 and went into overtime as Brasa defended its title as last year’s champions, but the Haters won after scoring a penalty shot. The Glorious 8 lost to IkaIka F.C., both mixed-nationality teams, and claimed third place.

The Wainaui Vikings were the only other mixed-nationality team. Other teams were made up of students and some included faculty and staff from Germany, France, and Japan, as well as the HPU Rugby team. The entire HPU community was invited to participate, regardless of gender.

Java Kai, Papa John’s, and Turtle Bay Resort, as well as HPU’s Graduate Student Organization and ASHPU sponsored the event and provided prizes or financial support. Red Bull, another sponsor, provided free energy drinks to spectators. The Sea Warrior band entertained at halftime, as did HPU’s dance and cheer teams.

Tobias Huber, coordinator of the event, thanked HPU and everyone for their support and said he hoped to see the same enthusiasm in future years. “We wanted to establish the Ultimate Soccer Cup as an annual event for years to come,” Huber said. “Therefore we’re hoping that HPU will continue to give us its great support, and that our successors will remain as dedicated to serving the HPU community as we are.”


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