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Spirit adds All Girl Cheer Squad

by Loren Moreno, Student Life editor

HPU has shown once again that it is dedicated to building a full-fledged spirit program, to totally support its athletic teams, and to take full advantage of the opportunities of national competition.

HPU has added an All Girl Cheer Squad to its spirit program.


Head Cheerleading Coach Ashley Edwards brought 25 girls from all over the country together to create HPU’s first competitive all girl squad. The athletes come from California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia West Virginia, and of course Hawai‘i.

Edwards first proposed the idea of an All Girl squad in 2002, arguing that it would allow HPU to compete in the National Cheerleading Association’s (NCA) largest division—all girls.

The squad was approved in fall of last year. Tryouts were held this past spring, and the squad is now fully active. Of the 25 girls on the team, 20 of them have competed in previous national championships.

Edwards expects the team to be highly competitive this year.

The All Girl squad first met up this past summer at cheer camp in Dallas, Texas.

“ You could just tell from the beginning it was a special group. Imagine taking the superstars from 25 teams around the country and bringing them all together. That’s exactly how it was. You would have expected some primadonnas, but they weren’t like that. They worked well together,” said Edwards.

But does HPU have room for two cheer squads?

Edwards thinks so. After being the coach of the HPU co-ed squad for two years, and bringing home a National Championship last year, Edwards believes that the All Girl squad will be just as competitive.

As the head coach for the entire Cheer Program, Edwards has arranged for both teams to be completely active in HPU athletics and beyond. He admits, however, that Co-Ed has an advantage over All Girl when it comes to booking performances. The Co-Ed team’s name is widely known now that they are National Champions and are in high demand to perform all over the state. Being the new kids on the block, All Girl does not have the name recognition. Yet.

According to Edwards, the All Girl squad will be among the top contenders at the NCA National Championships. All Girl has its own division, one of the biggest in NCA.  About 30 teams are expected to compete in Division II, including HPU.  Edwards believes that the team will be among the top five contenders.

HPU provides scholarships to its many spirit programs including the Co-Ed cheer squad, dance team, band, and spirit club. Members of the All Girl squad are also given 80 to 100 percent tuition waivers.

“ It has been rewarding to work with such awesome people and to have a complete cheer team now,”said Edwards. “They are wonderful.”


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