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Press Club fundraises with Public Radio

by Kalamalama staff

KHPR--Hawai‘i Public Radio--got a little help with its pledge drive on Oct. 12, when members of Press Club at HPU arrived at the radio station. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., students answered phone calls and took pledges as part of what is becoming a biannual project for the club.

Where commercial radio uses advertising sales to finance operations, listener supported public radio uses twice-a-year fund drives that seek donations from listeners. Station management organizes the drive, and volunteers from various community groups donate premiums or bring food, or handle the telephone calls.

HPR gets about 48 percent of its support from Public Radio grants and corporate sponsorships. The other 52 percent, or $453,000 for its next six-month’s operating budget, must come from listeners.

The theme for this fall’s semiannual fund drive was “A Reason to Listen,” and on-air personnel encouraged listeners to provide feedback on station programming and their favorite shows, as well as donations toward the station’s goal. Pledges ranged from $5 to $2,500 ($50 is standard KHPR membership) and premiums ranged from t-shirts, coffee mugs, and CDs, to an original oil painting by Madeline McKay and included three-day stays at the Kapalua Ritz Carlton, ocean cruises, and more.

Volunteering at the radio station gave students an insight into two communication fields: radio and public relations. Taylor Scott, a freshman and broadcast journalism major, expressed her satisfaction with the activity and her reason for volunteering: “I liked HPR,” she said. “I chose to volunteer because I wanted to pursue skills in these areas.” After taking pledges for a few hours, Scott decided to volunteer for more activities with the station, and she provided her contact information to HPR’s director.

Gene Evans, HPR’s listener services manager and former radio show host, expressed his gratitude and commented on the maturity of the students. “It was a pleasure to have the Press Club help out, and they are always welcome back,” Evans said.

After the pledge drive, the students headed to Dave & Busters where they shared appetizers, relaxed, and talked about the day’s events.

Hawai‘i Public Radio operates four stations in the islands: KHPR 88.1, KKUA 90.7, KANO 91.1, and KIPO 890.3.

For more information on the Press Club, e-mail Meetings are held at 2 p.m. every other Monday in Room 310 on the third floor of the BH building. The next meeting is Oct. 27.



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