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Web registration Nov. 3

by Kelly Nashiro Yoshida, registrar

Undergraduate and graduate students may register on the Web for winter and spring courses beginning Nov. 3. (See schedule below.) It’s convenient, easy, and fast.


1. Access your HPU Pipeline account before registering. Check your account status, financial aid and holds, update your personal information, and determine credits earned. Any student with a hold on his or her account will not be able to register. This includes holds for medical clearance, health insurance, and outstanding balances.

2. Make your deposit payment. A $600 deposit will allow you to register for both the winter and spring terms. Payments are accepted on the Web, or at any registration center, in-person, fax, or by phone. Students who have accepted their financial aid award for spring 2004 are not required to pay a deposit to register. A Web authorization will be e-mailed to students who have met their registration clearance requirements.

3. Select your courses. Students in the English Foundations Program, concurrent program, 12-month MBA, or RN-MSN should meet with an academic advisor. Other continuing students are welcome, but not required, to meet with an academic advisor prior to registering on the Web. A complete schedule for winter 2003 and spring 2004 is available online at

4. Register for your courses via the Web at according to the date provided on your Web authorization, which was sent by e-mail. Log in to HPU Pipeline and click on the “My Courses” Tab. Scroll down to the “Quick Links” portion of the page and select the option to register online.

Graduate Web Registration
Winter 2003: Nov. 3 to Dec. 3
Spring 2004: Nov. 3, 2003 to Jan. 2, 2004

Undergraduate Web Registration
Seniors (90 or more credits) starting Nov. 3
Juniors (61 – 89 credits) starting Nov. 6
Sophomores (31 – 60 credits) starting Nov. 14
Freshmen (0 – 30 credits) starting Nov. 21
Last day to Web register for winter 2003: Dec. 3
Last day to Web register for spring 2004: Jan. 2, 2004



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