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President Wright inducts 67 hosts

by Radasha Ho'ohuli


Sixty-seven students were inducted into the HPU President’s Host program at an Oct. 28 reception at the Waialae Country Club. It was the largest group ever inducted, according to Elizabeth Tiglao, associate director of Student Life.

Students were nominated by HPU faculty and staff. The Student Life Office then arranged personal interviews where each nominee could demonstrate his or her communication skills. More than 70 students were interviewed, according to Tiglao, and selections were confirmed by President Chatt G. Wright on Oct. 23.

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At the event, Director of Student Life Heather Hubbard greeted each new host with a flower lei and a name tag. Cocktails and pupus followed. New and returning hosts mingled and shared stories of the fun and excitement of being a President’s Host.

Eventually inductees lined the room to take their turns introducing themselves to the faculty and fellow hosts. President Wright personally shook every host’s hand and offered a unique, warm welcome to each. Mrs. Janice Wright also greeted each host, presenting them with a gift from the president, an HPU President’s Host sweatshirt that could be picked up at the Student Life Office.

Alicia Michioka Smith, an HPU graduate, President’s Host, and former Miss Hawai‘i USA, said that being a President’s Host is a very special opportunity which helped her to become comfortable meeting people.


The new hosts include:

Johanna Alvtorn, Sweden
Mallory Anderson, California
Abdel-Krim Baberrih, France
Jennifer Baron, Washington
Celina Barrios, USA
Lehi Blevins, Hawai‘i
Crystal Brewe, Arizona
Brian Burdick, Wisconsin

Brian Bussolini, California
Casey Ching, Hawai‘i
HanNee Chong Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Chris Chung, USA
Susan Cotellesse, Hawai‘i
Elizabeth Diamond, USA
Earlene Dowell, Hawai‘i
Ursula Fisher, New York
Zac Gershberg, New York
Christina Herter, Hawai‘i
Stefan Holwe, Germany
Radasha Ho‘ohuli, Hawai‘i
Colleen Hyde, Illinois
Aleksander Jakovljevic
Alexis James, USA
Matthew Jandes, Ohio
Karee Jen, USA
Dayne Johnson, Washington
Chryssa Jones, Hawai‘i
Kanai Kasai, Japan
Omair Khan, Pakistan
Sloane Kini, Hawai‘i
Volkmar Kunerth, Germany
Krystle Lahn, New York
Peter Lang ,Sweden
Koko Liang, China
Elaine Low, Singaport
Ngoc Luong, California
Dennis Markunas
William Henry McClellan, Hawai‘i
Stacy McGuire, Hawai‘i
Mathew McMillan, Utah
Bradley Moon, Iowa
Colleen Moriarty, Maryland
Angela Neri, Hawai‘i
Jan Marcus Noorda, Washington
Vera Oliveira, Brazil
Kapena O’Neal, Hawai‘i
Taryn Pfleider, California
Sirivattha Phanoumath, Hawai‘i
Tze Quak, Malaysia
Marie Joyce Razon, Philippines
Michelle Reyes, Hawai‘i
Christopher Rocchio, Hawai‘i
Sabrian Olena Rubin, Hawai‘i
Aaron Sale, Washington
Laura Sandoval, Illinois
Karey Santilena, California
Anita Sivertsen, Norway
Rie Takamasu, Japan
Sean Thomas, Georgia
Susan Toepke, North Dakota
Vina Walker, Georgia
Karin Wanscher, Denmark
Brandi Watanabe, Hawai‘i
Kelly White, California
Paul Zydek, Washington



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