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Natalia Casas, editor


Music can concentrate the mind or release it

Focusing can, at times, be extremely hard, especially when the content requiring our undivided attention is not of much interest to us. Readings assigned for class, numerical problems, research assignments and term papers are some of the challenging tasks that require our full concentration.


HIFF premieres Shara: A time of mourning

One kiss takes place in Shara. Yu (Yuka Hyoudo), girlfriend to the main character Shun (Kohei Fukunaga), takes it upon herself to kiss him. The scene, shot with one camera, is long and drawn out. Their lips touch and Shun shows no reaction to either Yu or the kiss. They are together, but separate. And we are aware that the time is passing: Two characters in the prime of their youth, experiencing what would normally an exciting moment in each other’s life, share only the quiet solitude of the park in which they kiss.


HPU alumna films Reincarnate in Shangri-La

Krystal Yan Wong, ’02, joins several other HPU alumni in being honored by the 2003 Hawaii International Film Festival for a world-premiere showing in Honolulu Nov. 2, at 6:30 p.m. and Nov. 3, at 3 p.m. at the Dole Cannery Signature Theatre No. 1.


Literary magazine released

HPU has announced the island-wide release in November of its annual literary magazine Hawai‘i Pacific Review, volume 17. The University’s most recent collection includes outstanding written works by contributors from Hawai‘i and countries around the world.

Rock giants leave imprint on Hawai'i

Chuck Berry, Little Richard, and Jerry Lee Lewis have nothing left to prove to fans or to the music industry. When it comes to platinum albums, selling out shows, or leaving their mark in the music world, these artists could have made up the phrase, “been there and done that.” So why do they continue traveling and performing well into their 60s and 70s? The love of the music, and nothing was more evident as the trio blew the roof off of the Blaisdell Arena Oct. 25 at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Supershow presented by Tom Moffatt Productions.



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