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by Kalamalama staff

Focusing can, at times, be extremely hard, especially when the content requiring our undivided attention is not of much interest to us. Readings assigned for class, numerical problems, research assignments and term papers are some of the challenging tasks that require our full concentration.

Often, especially if the subject is assigned and not of much interest to us, we find it extremely hard to sit down and get in the flow of studying. Anything and everything around us seems to disttract our attention. We end up sitting for hours being absolutely unproductive and rather frustrated.



Music can be a great aid in such a stituaton. Many of us prefer to listen to music in some form or another while working and have varying reasons why we do so. One of the universal reasons is that it makes us feel good even though we might be doing something we really do not want to do.

I would like to recommend some ambient music CDs that are excellent for focusing our mind on what we have to do—especially now when midterms and reports are due. These can be used for enlightening meditation, productive studying, and absolute chill sessions.

• Aes Dana – Season 5 (Ultimae Records): Ambient deep trance. Good for meditation, studying, dinner and mellow vibe with friends.

• Asura – Lost Eden (E French Sound Records): Ambient/Lounge. Good for studying and meditating.

• Fahrenheit Project – Part I (Ultimae Records): Compilation of ambient deep trance tracks from very good artists. Goes well with all activities!!

• Chiller Waves (Ultimae Records): Compilation of ambient lounge music. Has a variety of ambient music styles. Good for studying and chilling with friends.

• Global Psychedelic Chill Out Vol.4 (Spirit Zone Records): Ambient/Lounge. This double CD explores a range of down tempo/lounge music. Another compilation that blends with everything!

• Younger Brother – A Flock of Beeps (Twisted Records): Ambient/Lounge. This is an excellent CD which offers new fresh sounds. If you like experimenting with music, this is good choice.


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