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Past haunts All My Sons

review by Rose McKenney, staff writer

An act from the past comes back to haunt a family in Arthur Miller’s drama All My Sons, an HPU production directed by Joyce Matlby and playing at the Hawaii Loa campus. Maltby did a great job putting together a diverse cast with strong acting skills and a chemistry that brought the characters and the events of the play to life.

Jim Tharpe plays Joe Keller, a retired airplane engine manufacturer who is partially responsible for letting faulty airplane engines be shipped to the U.S. Air Force for use in combat warplanes. The faulty engines were responsible for killing pilots, perhaps even Keller’s older son Larry, but he was able to stay out of jail by shifting the blame to his partner, who ran the factory assembly line.

Tharpe does a great job portraying a man guilty of his past actions but also full of pride and denial.
Jo Pruden does a remarkable job of playing Keller’s wife Kate as a grieving mother who can’t let go of the fact that her first son, Larry, may be dead, and that her husband may have been responsible.

Eric Field and Carla Rzeszewski play the engaged couple Chris Keller and Ann Deever, the daughter of Keller’s partner who went to jail for the defective airplane engines. Their character’s go through great emotional turmoil, moving from happiness to rage and frustration as the action of the play reveals Joe Keller’s actions and force them to reject him.

Chris Veatch plays Ann Deever’s brother George who, confused after a visit with his father, is full of rage towards the Kellers and precipitates the climax of the play.

The supporting cast included Peter Bunn who played Doctor Jim Bayliss, Carolyn Cameron as the doctor’s wife Sue, Todd Evans as neighbor Frank Lubey, and Kayce Erwin as his wife Lydia. The play continues through Dec. 7. Call for reservations: 375-1282.


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