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Commentary: You got to have eart

by Chuck Cordill, Sports assoc. editor

HPU faces BYU-H in the final two matches of the 2003 regular season, traveling back to Laie for a non-conference match Nov. 7 and hosting the Lady Seasiders Nov. 15 in a conference match at St. Andrew’s Priory. Win both, and the HPU show should go on.


In order to accomplish this task, HPU will have to play the best volleyball of the season, and reach far beyond anything they have done all year. It will mean going onto the court, playing through pain, and finding that special something inside that separates “good teams” from “champions.” That may sound corny, but the only chance the Lady Sea Warriors have right now is Heart.

Heart is so very much applicable here. One of the greatest volleyball players to ever wear an HPU uniform, two-time NCAAII All-American Debbie Sant’Anna exemplifies it. She led HPU to a win over BYU-H at the Cannon Center in a grueling match that had both squads laying on the floor in exhaustion.

Sant’Anna had undergone dental work prior to the match. That and some other ailments necessitated she play in pain, yet she threw her body across the hardwood floor like a woman possessed. Sant’Anna played far beyond even normal expectations that night.

In one set, she hurled her body through the air to dig out a ball that seemed impossible. She made the dig, and then went sliding across the floor on her belly, her head stopping about six inches from the first row of wooden bleachers and a certain concussion.

Her teammates saw that, and a fire was ignited inside of every player on the court. After the game, Sant’Anna was asked what inspired her great performance. Fighting back tears and her physical fatigue, she pounded her fist against her chest.

“ It was the heart, the Brazilian heart,” she said.

HPU will need the same spirit in its next two games.


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