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EFP emphasizes humor

by Jan Kirschenmann

On November 14, the Center for English Language Programs (CELP) held its 4th annual Humor Contest in Warmer Auditorium. This event gives English language learners a chance to display their spoken English skills in a public event purely for fun. A supportive audience of more than 70 friends, classmates, and teachers cheered on the eleven participants. William Potter, CELP dean, emceed the event. Judges were English Foundations Program instructors Barbara Hannum and Vernon Harrison, and Assistant Dean of Administration and General Education, John Kearns.


An event like this requires considerable work behind the scenes. English Foundations Program instructor Sally La Luzerne-Oi was event coordinator. She has assembled a packet of materials used by EFP oral fluency instructors to introduce the language and content of English humor in their classes. Several instructors hold in-class contests to give students practice at telling jokes and an opportunity to vote for class representatives to enter the contest.

Everyone was a winner. All participants received HPU logo prizes. The contestants and their winning categories were: Yusuke Tanikawa, first runner up intermediate level; Kasumi Inage and Shunsuke Tezuka; first place intermediate level; Li-Mei (Kelly) Hsu, best animal joke; Itsuto Hamano, best pre-joke joke; Natassa Kho, best stupid person joke; Eric Huang, first runner up advanced level; Yoshie Kosaka, first place advanced level; Thin Tanoiara, best political joke; Judy Wang, first runner up graduate student; Sarah Hsiao, first place graduate student.

Contest participants are the students of EFP instructors Ann Chun, Candis Lee Sally La Luzerne-Oi, Julie Mowrer, and Ivona Xiezopolski and Proficiency in English Program (PEP) instructors Andrea LaVecchia and Malena Vistam. Congratulations everyone.



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