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Women - Rugby wants you!

by Kawai Kahumoku, staff writer


Actually, the Rugby Club at HPU wants anyone interested in playing rugby!

Andrew Ames, club president, is looking for more members to fill the Rugby team’s roster, and especially women players.


“As of right now, we have five to six women. We’re looking for at least five more,” said Ames, who’s been with the Rugby Club for three years.

Ames explained that a full Rugby team could use at least 20 players which includes substitutes, however you could always use more.

And, according to Ames, women’s rugby is becoming popular, especially on the mainland, and he believes it will eventually grow here in Hawai‘i.

There are no separate divisions in Hawai‘i for men and women, Ames explained, so for now, they play together. However, Ames doesn’t like to field all the women at the same time since rugby is a rough sport and injuries can leave players out of games for weeks at a time. “The more help we could get the better,” said Ames.

At last year’s annual Rugby Friendly Match in December, HPU was the first school to play with a woman on its team. The crowds for that game became larger. “We’ve become very well-respected,” said Ames. “People wanted to see her play.”

One team, the Waikiki Harlquins, a local club that the HPU team considers a friendly rival, became so intrigued they recruited a woman themselves.

Ames is also looking to achieve a stronger team. He even teaches those who have never played before. “Right now we have a pretty good core group,” said Ames. “But my dream is to show up to practice and 60 people would be there.

“ I’d like HPU to get the ball going,” Ames added. I’d like to prove that Hawai‘i is a rugby state.”

The HPU Rugby Club plays games on Saturdays and practices Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at Kaka‘ako Park, which is off Ala Moana Boulevard at the end of ‘Ahui Street, just ewa (west) of Fisherman’s Wharf.

For more information on the Rugby Club contact Student Life at 544-0277.



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