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Pals sponsor Heifer Project fund drive

by Bill Potter


In the week before Thanksgiving, HPU students, faculty, and staff contributed $1,000 to help needy families around the world. The money was collected by members of the newly-formed International Pal Association at HPU and given to the Heifer Project International (HPI), a non-profit organization which works to end world hunger by giving farms animals and training to impoverished families.

The Pals sponsored a table on Fort Street Mall from November 20 to 26 in support of HPI. Using the slogan “Give a Gift of Hope this Holiday,” the Pals attracted many visitors to their table, which was decorated with stuffed animals representing the ducks, chickens, geese, pigs, sheep, cows, and other animals HPI sends to families in countries around the world.

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HPU students, faculty, and staff made donations ranging from $1 to $50 for a total of $1,000. Contributors of $10 or more could receive “honor cards” to give to friends or relatives in place of holiday presents. The smaller donations were combined as gift of a sheep and a pig from the HPU community, and the honor card for those donations has been given to President Chatt Wright.

The Pals are a new club on campus formed to assist new international students still learning English and to encourage cross-cultural friendships. They were helped by students from Jean Kirschenmann’s EFP 1390 Academic Research and Writing class. Their research topic for the fall term was Heifer Project International. All members of the class assisted at their display table.

Heather Hamblin, along with students in her PR 3720 Public Relations Cases class, also assisted with ideas and encouragement.

Heifer Project International donates income-producing livestock to needy families worldwide. A family that receives a cow from HPI, for example, improves its diet by drinking milk and improves its income by selling surplus milk or other dairy products. Recipients also pledge to pass on the first female offspring of their animal to another family in need. The name Heifer International is derived from the very first animals donated more than 50 years ago when the organization was founded.

For more information about becoming a Pal, email For more information about HPI, visit



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