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Letter from a valedictorian


Aloha, HPU—

It’s been 4.5 years since I was a valedictory speaker for the HPU 1999 spring graduation. My undergraduate experience and the University’s support system still keep me a top performer in my business field—public relations.


Throughout my graduate studies in California, and as a working professional there and in Europe, I have been proud to represent HPU abroad. I truly believe it is one of the most outstanding international universities in the world.

The most important thing HPU offered me was a relationship-building and networking experience that has been more beneficial than any other experience in furthering my professional career. It allowed me to earn a major graduate scholarship, to earn top dollar in Caifornia’s competitive public relations industry, and to find two extremely satisfying international positions, one with KM Studio—a scandanavian Disney, Dreamworks, and Buena Vista distributor, and my present job, which has allowed me to return to Hawai‘i as my company’s representative at the Pacific Telecommunication Conference.

HPU’s intercultural experiences are unique. Its worldwide focus allows its students to experience the global context of business and the professions today, to excel in this environment, and to find prosperity in their professional carrier choices.

“ Think globally and act locally” is not only good advice for the environmentally conscientious, it is the best and most simple advice I can give anyone working in a global community. It is your intercultural experiences as part of HPU’s worldwide community that will distinguish you as business professionals with a better global cultural experience and understanding than most of the students and graduates with whom you will compete.

Elizabeth Hultquist is a former Kalamalama section editor. She won a $14,000 Bay Area Public Relations Society of America scholarship for graduate study in communication at Golden Gate University in San Francisco. She currently works for and provides public service public relations to several Swedish basketball organizations. She can be reached at:



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