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Aloha from President Wright
with Chatt G. Wright

Welcome back, or—for our new students—welcome to Hawai‘i Pacific University. New or continuing, you have probably discovered HPU’s diversity. On our campuses, students from more than 100 countries and different ethnic groups socialize freely. One of the opportunities you have at HPU, which may not be available at mainland universities, is to relate to your peers from other cultures on a daily basis. You have a chance to develop the ability to work together across cultural lines. This will prove valuable not only while you are students here, but also in your personal and professional lives.

While many mainland universities have started to consciously and deliberately plan multicultural campuses, HPU’s multicultural experience has arisen in a more spontaneous and organic way because of our Hawai‘i location. HPU has had a large number of international students for many years, and our host Hawaiian culture has always welcomed newcomers into the ‘ohana, the family or group.

The spontaneity of our multicultural environment means that we know something wonderful happens when students join us. We are still not clear about how that happens, but we are starting to learn through such events as the symposium on global citizenship which was held last semester, to be followed up by another symposium this year. I hope you will take the opportunity to participate in our efforts to define what we mean by “global citizenship” at HPU through our shared learning process. Meanwhile I wish you every success in the coming semester.

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