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Aloha from President Wright
with Chatt G. Wright

At HPU we are especially fortunate to have outstanding faculty, staff, and administrators who develop and implement our programs. In this column, I want to spotlight a group of individuals who provide crucial leadership to our university—our academic deans.

If a new student, you may have met your dean at a welcoming reception during the first few weeks of the term. Continuing students may have met their deans to get a signature on a petition.

However, I am concerned that only a relatively small percentage of you really get to know your deans, and that many of you are not clear about who they are and the important work they do.

The English word “dean” comes from the Latin decanus, meaning “the head of a group of ten people.” All of our academic deans lead more than 10 people. Each is the head of the faculty in one of our colleges or schools. They lead and inspire the faculty in their particular college as they develop and oversee the curriculum that faculty members deliver through their individual classes. As students, you naturally interact most often with the professors who teach your courses, but you should know that they could not create and present these courses without the support of our academic deans.

Beside working on curriculum and mentoring faculty members, their managerial responsibilities are key to the smooth functioning of our University. They work with the program chairs in large colleges—or directly with their faculty in smaller colleges—to develop course schedules, select and order textbooks, and monitor course counts to make sure that we have the right mix of classes to serve your needs. They also ensure that we have effective instructors in the classrooms. In short, we could not function without our academic deans.

So your dean is more than just someone to sign a petition; each is an accomplished teacher and scholar in his or her own field. In the same way that my door is always open, our academic deans are happy to meet with students, so I encourage you to make an appointment and talk with your dean. Like your professors, your dean would welcome an opportunity to talk about your current classes here at HPU and the courses you may want to take in the future, your career opportunities, or your options for graduate school. Get to know the dean of your school or college. Here is a list of them.


Business Administration Dean Rod Romig

Communication Dean Helen Varner

International Studies Dean Jeanne Rellahan

Liberal Arts Dean Les Correa

Natural Sciences Dean Andy Brittain

Professional Studies Dean Gordon Jones

Schools, programs

School of Nursing Dean Carol Winters- Moorhead

Military Campus Programs Dean Bob Cyboron

English Language Programs Dean Bill Potter

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