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Learn survival skills

by Salatha Helton, Lifestyles editor

Academic advisors at HPU have organized five College Survival Skills seminars to help students gain control of their lives and focus successfully on their education. Advisor Brad Provines coordinates the seminars, the first of which, early in February, were on better note taking and “Preventing Sexual Violence.” The next three are:


Brad Provines

· Feb. 20, “Surfing Campus Pipeline,” Frear Center, 2 p.m.

· Feb. 26, “Graduate School: How to Get a Head Start,” UB 211, 12:30 p.m.

· Feb. 27, “Picking A Major,” UB 211, 1 p.m.

“ Note taking helps students to be successful,” said Advisor Jill Merl, who presented the first seminar, “Better Notes = Better Grades,” on Feb. 6. She taught students a method introduced at Cornell University that uses six techniques to enhance not only note taking but learning from the notes taken:

1. Record: Write down only the facts.

2. Reduce: Review and recopy note as soon as possible after the lecture. Reduce to key ideas.

3. Recite: Repeat the information aloud: hearing it as you see and say it helps retention.

4. Reflect: Think about how the notes relate to each other, the course in general and the specific topic.

5. Review: Review regularly to enhance retention.

6. Recapitulate: Write a short summary of what the lecture focused on and review its importance.

Students who attended the first seminar agreed that it would be useful in the future. “It was a good presentation,” said first year international student Ullrika Sellman.

Students can get more information on the College Survival Skills program from the Advising Center. Pick up a packet on the seminars or call an advisor at 544-1198.



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