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Making up on a budget

by Christine Ah Yee, staff writer

February is the month of love. Everyone gears up for Valentine’s Day, and expectations build. But what do you do if you blow it and forget to bring a gift to that special someone in your life? Especially, how do college students, most of whom have an income of zero, afford a gift that meets expectations?

Roses, chocolate, maybe dinner, all are appropriate but not necessarily expected. If our guy can’t without asking for a loan from family and friends or a financial institution, there are other options. Consider what O‘ahu has to offer that is unique and romantic.




Here are some tips that focus on the process of giving rather than the expense of the gift.

· Pick fresh flowers and arrange them in a bouquet securing them with a beautiful ribbon, one left over from Christmas will be fine, rather than outrageously priced roses.

· Have a picnic outdoors enjoying the scenic views this island has to offer.

· Enjoy the meal by the shores of a beach that offers awesome sunsets.

· Instead of chocolate visit a shave ice stand and ask for a snowcap topping (condensed milk) to sweeten the treat.

· Offer a back or foot massage, a thoughtful conversation, or stroll along the sands of Waikiki Beach as a gift of love.

Whether the relationship is plutonic or intimate, many women will say that it is the thought and effort put into the planning that really counts.


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