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Joy Kikuchi, editor, Saida Oliver, associate editor


“Deidai” grew up in a rural village in Mexico. The town was in the poorest part of the country. Sadly, Deidai’s husband died while trying to get his family to the United States. Left with six young children, Deidai struggled to take care of her family. She could only make $2 U.S. a week sewing at a nearby garment shop, which wasn’t enough to support her children. Then FINCA entered her life, and offered her a chance to support her self and her family by opening her own garment business. Deidai was offered a loan with a 6 percent annual interest and payments every month. She took it. Today, Deidai owns her own sewing business,earning enough to take care of herself and her family and repaying the loan.


Older computer users subject to C-Nile virus

Even though it appears to affect primarily e-mail users who were born prior to 1960, computer users of all ages should know about this most recent version of the infamous Nile virus. Even the most advanced anti-virus programs from Norton or McAfee cannot help. Here are some of its symptoms:


Atkins diet re-examined

It is all over town. Everywhere you go someone somewhere is talking about the Atkins Diet. You may hear them boast, “a low carb, high protein diet is the key to success.” A diet consisting of bacon cheeseburgers without the bun, how can that be? What is the premise that makes Americans have so much faith in Atkins?


Vegetarianism diet, lifestyle

I had an aversion towards meat as a child. It just didn’t seem right for me to slaughter animals and then eat them. Later, in high school, my then friend Sonja and I sometimes went to her grandparents’ farm to help out. I remember Fritz and Frieda, two pigs she liked very much. She fed and stroked them almost every day. A few weeks later, when we were having lunch together in school, she told me that she had Fritz on her bread. I was disgusted. It’s not that I wasn’t aware that people eat real, dead meat, but I was just shocked that she could actually eat her once-loved animal.



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