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VisCom major wins script contest

Special to Kalamalama by Cari Carter-Aguilar



Editor’s note: Kalamalama only recently learned the names of the winners of HPU’s annual scriptwriting contest, and since Cari Carter-Aguilar, winner of both the second- and third-place awards, is a former reporter and section editor, we asked her to do the story on winner Luke Anderson. Timing continued to plague us, as Carter-Aguilar had just moved to Oklahoma. She was able to obtain Anderson’s e-mail address from English instructor and contest sponsor Mark Tjarks. Here is her interview.

Kalamalama: Tell me about your script. What is the name of it and what is it about?


Cari Carter-Aguilar won 2nd and 3rd place awards in the HPU scriptwriting contest.

Anderson: It’s hard to say what “Hell of a Job” is about without giving away too much. I basically wanted to break down the fourth wall of a psychiatrist’s office (where the play is set) and let the audience sit in on one of the strangest marriage counseling sessions ever.

The characters Bob and Jessica are the troubled couple, and Dr. Smith (someone who is crazier and more ridiculous than any of his patients) is their new counselor. They are there because Bob disappears for hours at a time, and tells Jessica unlikely reasons why he is gone for so long. Jessica thinks he is cheating on her, so she has started fighting with him to get the real truth about what he does on his little trips. The truth comes out during the session, and Jessica is surprised, to say the least. It turns out Bob had a darker secret than she had expected.

Kalamalama: How long is it?

Anderson: It runs 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the time spent on the physical comedy in the play.

Kalamalama: What is your major and year at HPU?

Anderson: I am a senior visual communications major.

Kalamalama: Have you written other scripts? Do you have more planned for the future?

Anderson: This was the first script I had written. I enjoyed writing it enough that I am now working on a full-length screenplay.

Kalamalama: What do you plan for after graduation?

Anderson: After graduation, I am going to Sacramento, Calif., where I have a job lined up in real estate. People say, “Why don’t you just be a writer if that’s what you want to do?” My answer to them is, if I am relying on writing to put food on the table, then I might not enjoy writing because it will be associated with work. I would rather write to relax and escape after a long day of work.
Kalamalama: Will your script be performed at HPU?

Anderson: Actually, “Hell of a Job” has already been performed once at HPU for the student one acts a year ago or so. I guess they were going do a reading of the script or something, but doing it as a reading might be hard, because some of the jokes require you to see something acted out.
Kalamalama: How did you feel when you learned you had won First Place?

Anderson: I was really surprised when I found out I won, because I had been so busy that I forgot I had entered the contest. I was stressing out about the usual things—work, school, and money—when Mark Tjarks told me I had won, so it really cheered me up and made me feel that I might have something to offer when it comes to writing.

Kalamalama: How will you spend your prize money?

Anderson: I was going to bring the $100 with me the next time I paid tuition, but that would be kind of like bringing a grain of sand to the beach.

Thanks for interviewing me. I can’t wait to read the paper.




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