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Bush lets tyranny ring!

by Loren Moreno. '05

“The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.” So wrote the authors of the Declaration of Independence.

Change “King of Great Britain” to President George W. Bush, and this excerpt is still relevant to the way Americans are governed. Bush went to war with Iraq to free its people from a tyrannical government, correct? However, in doing so, he put himself on the path to tyranny here at home. You want to talk tyranny? Let’s talk tyranny.


Since the 2000 elections, Florida has been a hot bed for Bush and his cronies. Gore won the popular vote nationally (flat out, no questions asked). A recount was conducted and run by Florida’s attorney general, a women with close ties to the Bush family.

Many counties did not recount, and overseas ballots were accepted after the election—violating Florida law—and the entire mess ended up in a 5-4 vote of the Supreme Court declaring Bush the winner. Make no mistake about it, this president was not elected. He was selected.

Florida Governor Jeb Bush, brother of President Bush, claimed to have recused himself from the process, but news reports later revealed he had illegally dumped more than 65,000 registered voters from the voting rolls, mostly in democratic precincts.

Public records prompted accusations of rampant voter fraud throughout the state and later, telephone records from the Florida Governor’s office implied possible ballot box stuffing.
It’s already sad in this country that the candidate with the most money usually gets elected to office. The process becomes a joke when, you can’t buy the office, you can have your brother to steal it for you!

In grand Bush fashion, the United States went to war with Iraq after the Administration sold the idea that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction and was an “imminent” threat to our national security.

The word “imminent” is defined as impending or about to immediately occur. However, abundant evidence has shown that the threat, if there was one, was not imminent. Nor was there any proof Iraq was connected to terrorist organizations such as Al-Queda. Recent intelligence reveals Saddam Hussein offered peace long before Bush invaded his country. Was the invasion an attempt to distract from Bush’s failure to capture Osama Bin Laden? Maybe Bush meant imminent threat as: “we think they might do bad things and they had bad weapons, once, so we must attack!” We now know these weapons don’t exist.

During this entire song and dance, protestors in our country and around the world took to the streets, and Bush was right there to stop them. In Hawai‘i, anti-strike members of the community have been prevented from attending “public” meetings and were arrested.

Recently, during Bush’s Atlanta trip to commemorate the 75th birthday of Rev. Martin Luther King, Bush ordered a line of buses to park in front of 400 protestors so they would have no visual contact with him. He didn’t want to see them; he didn’t want them to see him. More importantly, he didn’t want cameras to broadcast these images of dissent for the world to see.
In November 2003, protestors gathered in Miami to protest the Free Trade Area of the Americas—a trade agreement including 34 countries. About 8,000 protestors gathered outside the hotel where meetings were to take place. They were met by 2,500 armed police and troops, fire trucks equipped with water cannons, and 100 “foot soldiers” with stun guns and rifles.

If all this wasn’t enough to strip citizens of their right to assemble, according to Jim Hightower (The Lowdown, December 2003), Bush paid for it by ripping off $8.5 million dollars from the $87 billion Congress signed away to Iraq.

So he stole money and used it to pay for an elaborate show of force against American citizens in Miami. How Miami protestors became a part of the national security budget is mind boggling.

The Miami City Council hastily passed a number of city ordinances that required permits for any gathering of six or more people for longer than a period of 26 minutes. The comical and unconstitutional ordinances were passed under a shroud of darkness at the last minute to prevent any court injunctions.

The Miami Herald reported that women, children, and elderly protestors were shot at and hit by rubber bullets discharged by police at random. It was an all-out assault on protestors from every angle. Tear-gas, pepper-spray, rubber bullets, and high-powered water canons dispersed the crowd, many of whom were senior AFL-CIO Trade Union members, and prevented any protest from occurring.

This type of militant attack against citizens of our own country is absolutely appalling, shameful, and illegal. Bush and his tyrannical cronies involved us in an unjust and illegal war in Iraq to free it from the tyranny of an evil dictator. In our own country, they are slowly chipping away at our rights. Civil rights, women’s rights, constitutional rights, and court mandates are being overturned or ignored.

It is time to see this administration for the arrogant corporation that it is. Get involved. Register to vote. Vote. If we allow this to continue, we inevitably let tyranny ring!


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