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Student on a Budget: Spring break ideas

by Christine Ah Yee, S&E editor


This semester Kalamalama is starting a new column offering ideas and tips to University students on a budget. It will feature gift ideas, places to visit and tour, but most of all economical places to eat. If you have places, comments or ideas e-mail, I’ll check it out and write it up in an upcoming issue.

The subject for this issue will be “spring break” on a budget. We all look forward to a week with no classes or deadlines and available parking spaces. Spring break is a time to relax, with or without your friends, enjoying free time doing what you choose. If this spring break you don’t have the necessary finances to travel or splurge here are some ideas on where to go and how to enjoy your spring break on O‘ahu on a tight budget.

Self- proclaimed budget specialist, Christine Ah Yee


On this island we are surrounded by a variety of beaches. Ala Moana and Waikiki offer beaches for swimming, sun tanning, or a boy/girl watch. The Leeward coast offers spots to bodyboard and the North Shore offers great surf spots. Transportation on the city busses is only $2 roundtrip with a transfer, if you don’t already own a monthly bus pass. Remember people pay thousands of dollars to come to Hawai‘i and enjoy our beaches, and they are yours for just the cost of a bus ride to your desired location.

Hungry? Shop at your local supermarkets they have weekly specials that will save you money when you buy and prepare your own snacks and meals. Some of them, Safeway and Foodland, put the weekly newspaper specials on a bulletin board for customer convenience. Saving money here will allow you to splurge on an evening outing with your friends or significant other.

Are you tired of getting a tan and just want to sit and be entertained? I’ve got you covered! What about the movies? Too expensive you say? Not if you go to matinees. Check out Wallace theaters in Kailua and Restaurant Row offering 50 cent movies before 6 p.m. and $1 thereafter for the evening showings. There are a variety of titles to choose from. The savings from preparing your meals can be used here to buy a popcorn and drink combo. Better yet, eat before you go to the movies and just pack a candy bar for a snack. Your only expense will be bus fare and admission. Three movies for a $1.50. That’s a steal!

We’ve covered outings, meals, and transportation. All that’s missing is you. Don’t get tied down with what you don’t have, but rather flip that attitude and see what you can do with what resources you do have. Only you can make your spring break the best it can possibly be, so have fun and enjoy a week of no classes, homework, or deadlines. Remember to keep your HPU student ID in your wallet while on your outings because many places offer college students discounted fares and admission.

In the next issue we will be playing tourist during spring break on a budget and provide bus schedules to the different attractions.



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