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Pageants: dream is reality for Miss. American Teen

by Saida Oliver, staff writer

National beauty pageant winner, Ms. American Teen 2003 is Ilana Paulo- Tamashiro, 19, a sophomore at HPU majoring in business administration. Born and raised in Kahala, a suburb of Honolulu, she enjoys modeling, singing, acting, dancing, and performing in pageants.

When Paulo-Tamashiro was 12 years old, she received an application in the mail for an upcoming pageant. Her mother asked her if she would like to enter. Paulo-Tamashiro answered yes and began her fruitful future. She won her first pageant and then realized how much she could gain from it. “It was really cool. I got to dress up and performed, plus I won stuff, so I kept entering after that.”

Paulo-Tamashiro has reigned as Miss. Preteen Hostess1996 and Miss. Southern California Junior Teen 2003. She won scholarships to attend HPU by winning the title of Miss. Hawai‘i Teen U.S.A. 2001 and Miss. American Teen 2003. She chose HPU from a list of tuition scholarships and, she said she was happy with her choice because she could get a full education and continue doing pageants. “I really like this school a lot. I just hope I keep winning pageants that will allow me to continue to get my BA in business,” she said.

Paulo-Tamashiro has no hobbies and she is undecided about what she wants to do with her degree. However, with a current GPA of 3.67 and a busy extracurricular life, she is keeping busy. “Traveling for pageants and school work consumes much of my time, so I don’t really have time to work or do anything else.” At the end of April, she will perform in Miss. O‘ahu Philippina. She will next enter Miss. Hawai‘i Philippina, which will ultimately lead to the Miss. Hawai‘i pageant. She intends to continue her education by working towards her Master’s degree in Business Administration, but that depends on whether she wins the state pageant title. If she does, HPU’s bright, young hopeful will have her eyes set on the Miss. U.S.A. and Miss. America crown.




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