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Shelly Awaya, editor, Saida Oliver, associate editor


White Day mirrors Valentine's Day

White Day, the Japanese male’s answer day to Valentine’s Day, is an event particular to Japan. On Japan’s Valentine’s Day, females present chocolate to males. The primary significance of Valentine’s Day is the confession of love by women to the men in their lives. These men, however, are more than just husbands and lovers. For Japanese women, that gift giving to bosses, coworkers, or friends is a social obligation. One month after Valentine’s Day, Mar. 14, is the day when a return gift is due from males to females.

Valentine's Day in Japan a blizzard of chocolates

St. Valentine’s Day is a unique event in Japan, though its celebration is very different from the United States. Traditionally in Japan, St. Valentine’s Day is the day when women declare their love for men and present them with chocolates. Japanese females also present chocolates to males as a social obligation, especially in business situations. While this can be occasionally confusing, it ensures that in Japan, it is a blizzard of chocolates on Feb. 14.



Avoid identity theft: An attorney's advice

A corporate attorney concerned with the increase of identity theft sent the following to all the employees of his company:


The truth about Mardi Gras

The crowd rippled down the length of Lewers street, joining tourists, students, and general partygoers into a massive body of multi-colored beads, feathers, and revelry.


Dating Advice

It’s another packed night at Indigo’s. In a quiet corner of the Opium Den, your favorite tres chicas sit sipping post-happy hour cocktails. They are more quiet than usual as they ponder for their column the questions that baffle the world of relationships. Marie Claire is playing with her hair, Barbarella has her pen to her lips, and Emmanuella is chain smoking like a locomotive.


Spring Break? Already? Short-notice travel packages

Spring Break has arrived and most students have not made any plans. Here are a few ideas that will be sure to entice your five senses. All were found on and are valid the week of March 22-March 28. If these package deals seem like something you would like to do, be sure to book your flight seven to ten days before the departure date to make sure your seat will be available. All packages include a round-trip airfare, a room, and a car.


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