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Study spots fit personality

by Loren Moreno, Student Life editor

Regardless of study habits, there is a spot on or around campus, downtown, to fit every student’s individuality. There are numerous places around town that facilitates studying, but it is a matter of finding the right spot.

On campus, numerous student lounges, including the Sea Warrior Center, are good places for those who need to study between classes. For those looking for a place so quiet that it’s scary, Meader Library is the spot to be. Not only does it lack disturbance, the rows and rows of resources will come in handy during those hardcore study sessions.

Students looking for a more casual and social atmosphere, should look no further than the coffee houses found on almost every street in Honolulu.

Java Kai, downstairs in the UB building, has a wide array of pastries and local coffee blends to choose from at an HPU student discount. Most of the seating is outdoors and may, however, be too warm for an afternoon book session.

There is comfort in familiarity, thus there is always good ole fashion Starbucks. One is just next door to Meader Library on Bishop Street. It can sometimes be nearly impossible to find seating during prime studying hours in the evening, especially at the Starbucks around downtown and Waikiki, but the “green goddess” is hands down the favorite among college students.

The connected Starbucks and Jamaba Juice on the corner of Merchant and Bishop are special “green goddess” temples. There is a large seating area behind the counter of the Starbucks. Not very many students know about it, but it can comfortably fit about 20 people.

The Chinatown Gateway Park comes well recommended from students living near HPU. The lush botanicals, streaming water fountains, and towering trees bring a breath of fresh air to downtown life. “The little park is an oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Honolulu,” said Chris Saiki, a senior journalism major at HPU.

If class is done, or there is enough time between classes to leave campus, there are lots of good spots between downtown and Waikiki.

Coffee Talk, on Kaimuki Avenue, is an innovation coffee house offering sandwiches, pastries, juices, and international coffee blends. It has everything for the casual studier including roomy seating, Internet access, and even weekend entertainment.

Borders Books Music and Café has become a Mecca for college students especially during midterms and finals. Borders also offers a huge sandwich and soup selection to choose from as well as their own coffee and tea blends.

For those who love nature and the outdoors, Ala Moana Beach Park, Kapiolani Park, and Queens Beach are great places to pop a squat and delve into “Seeing the Big Picture—American Cultures on Film.” Not to mention, parks are key spots to people watch and meet a friend or two.

Sometimes nothing can beat the comfort of home. Not only is there access to a computer, but seating is unlimited, no unexpected interruption, and there is no dress code. Sometimes studying can’t be accomplished at any place other than the bedroom. The study spot does not matter, as long as it gets done, right?



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