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HPU Chorale takes a musical journey April 25th

by Ina Hinkelmann, staff writer

The HPU International Chorale and Vocal Ensemble will perform its second annual spring concert on April 25 at 4:30 p.m. at St. Andrew’s Cathedral, just two blocks from the downtown campus. For the first time, according to Director Susan Duprey, the chorale will perform with a guest ensemble, the ‘Iolani School Orchestra. The concert will be “A Musical Journey” featuring diverse melodies from 10 of the world’s cultures.




The choir will begin with traditional songs from India and Zimbabwe. The first is a traditional raga melody of Hindu music with no words but only phonemes, and the second a traditional gathering song typical of weddings.

Next will be two traditional children’s songs from the Philippines and Malaysia. According to Duprey, the first is about a child’s game, very rhythmic and fast. The Malaysian piece is more lyrical, happy and innocent. They are followed by a song written by a child in Terezin, a concentration camp for children during World War II. Its vision of sadness and death is followed by a transforming Irish song that speaks of mercy and forgiveness.

The choir will also perform two movements from the Mozart Coronation Mass and songs from Brazil and Hawai‘i. It will end with several pieces from the African-American tradition in a set called “New Life.”

“ This great variety of songs from 10 different countries requires the choir to not just learn the lyrics, but also the different types of singing,” Duprey said. “When learning the songs,” Duprey said, “members of the choir also look at the historical and cultural background of each song to be able to distinguish between the wide range of sounds and also the pronunciation of words.”

] The concert is free. Donations are welcome, however, and will be used to help finance the Vocal Ensemble’s trip to New York where it will perform at Carnegie Hall on June 13.


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