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Mark Smith, editor, Cindi Baxter, associate editor


A belief in freedom of the people - the case for liberalism

A question was posed by a student in the Introduction to Humanities course, recently: should educational institutions of higher learning be mediums for the dissemination of liberal thought? The young woman had transferred from another university and noticed that both institutions were politically liberal.


Terrorists triumph: Spirit of Munich reborn in Madrid

The terrorist attacks on Spain in March brought sorrow and pain to Europe and tears of sympathy from across the globe. What followed the attacks, however, was perhaps just as troubling. Just days after the terrorists bombed several train cars, killing more than 200 passengers, the Spanish electorate voted in a new government that promised to pull out of Iraq and loosen ties with the United States. It is increasingly clear that the terrorist organization responsible for the bombing was al Qaida, and that its intention was to shake the resolve of Western nations allied against Middle Eastern terrorism. It appears they were successful.


Enough hysteria - Press pause on gay marriage

While a Constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage is unlikely, the polarization caused by the issue is already manifest. The gay community, and most Americans, are staunchly against establishing what is fundamentally discrimination as part of the Constitution. Most Americans are too. Unfortunately, the melodramatic nature of the gay community scares away the very people it is trying to rally—the American people!


Passion anti-human, not anti-semetic

As The Passion of the Christ plays to near-record crowds, numerous critics, and moviegoers report the film to be a transforming experience. Although many find themselves forced to turn away from the violence on screen, they say the blood-soaked depiction of Jesus’ crucifixion has an important purpose. We must be reminded of the enormous sacrifice that Christ has made for all of us.

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