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Library databases

by Marilyn DeMattos & Sharman Meehan, Meader Library


Do you get around to doing your research at 3 a.m.? Do you prefer to work in your pajamas? Do you live off campus – way off campus? Then you’ll be glad to know that HPU’s libraries have five new databases that can be accessed – on or off campus – by computer. Check them out!

The Datamonitor Business Information Center provides profiles on 10,000 companies, 2,500 industry profiles from more than 50 countries, 700 SWOT company analyses, and 150 industry rankings. All are constantly updated. Reuters Business Insight provides senior-level business intelligence and management reports on major industries.

Mergent Online provides detailed financial information on active and inactive companies: 15,000 U.S. companies and 20,000 non-U.S. companies in 100 countries. This includes up-to-the-minute news, real-time SEC (EDGAR) filings (for U.S. companies), archival financials, company histories and descriptions as well as current and historical annual reports.

Literature Resource Center features access to more than 230 literary journals; 38,000 critical essays; plot summaries and explications from more than 4,300 literary works; biographies on more than 122,000 authors; and links to 5,000 authoritative, related Web sites. It also includes the Merriam-Webster Encyclopedia of Literature with 10,000 definitions of literary terms. New and updated material is added continuously.

PsycARTICLES (available via EBSCOhost) provides full-text articles on issues in all areas of psychology. It contains more than 32,000 articles from 40 journals published by the American Psychological Association and nine more published by allied organizations. Coverage spans from 1987 to the present.

More research databases are coming; check the “Libraries” tab on Campus Pipeline.


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