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Derek Clarkston, editor, Sophie Schmidt, assoc. editor


Men win PacWest tennis

It was a glorious weekend for the HPU men’s tennis team, which won the PacWest Championship that started on April 8 and finished on April 10 at the Brigham Young University-Hawai‘i campus in Laie. According to Sea Warrior Matey Pampulov, the HPU team already knew that the singles would be fairly easy for them and that the doubles would be decisive.


HPU 23-26 on season

The Sea Warrior baseball team fell to 23-26 on the year after losing the final four games of a five game series to visiting California State University-Chico at Aloha Stadium.


Players praise Aloha Stadium playing surface

The HPU baseball team played its recent series of home games at Aloha Stadium on a new synthetic playing surface, Field Turf, and both team and staff liked it.


U.S. Gymnasts compete for Olympic placement: Meet two top women contenders

Being a college student may be difficult at times, but imagine still being in high school, training six hours a day, and trying to qualify for an Olympic team.


7 medals for U.S. men

On April 15, gymnastics qualification for the 2004 summer Olympics started at the UHM Stan Sheriff Center. Nine Pacific Rim countries competed, among them the United States of America, Australia, China, and Japan. The event was organized by the Pacific Alliance of National Gymnastics, formed in 1981, for those countries contiguous to the Pacific Ocean.


'What's your dream job?' Kalamalama asks HPU athletes *new

ESPN’s reality TV show, Dream Job, climaxed with a bright-eyed, 21-year-old college student, Mike Hall, wining a one-year Sportscenter contract worth $95,000.


Tennis and cross-country standouts earn HPU’s top student-athlete honors Trainer Mitnick wins “Super Fan” Award *new

More than 300 students, faculty and staff were present to honor Matey Pampulov and Janine Brown as HPU’s 2003-04 Scholar-Athletes of the Year at the University’s annual student-athlete awards banquet at the Sheraton Moana Surfrider hotel April 30.



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