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Alumi e-mail accounts available to graduates

by Kristin Westlund, staff writer

Graduating soon? Can’t wait to step out into the real world and put college and homework behind you? You will be a Hawai‘i Pacific University Alumni. The question is, what are you supposed to do without Campus Pipeline and your HPU e-mail account? Try the Alumni Global Network.

Soon after graduation, you will no longer be able to access e-mail and information about HPU through Campus Pipeline. This is where the Alumni Global Network comes into the picture, and it’s loaded with lots of cool features.

The Network helps you keep in touch with friends from school, even if you don’t remember their last name. For example, you can search the Network directory by graduation year, first or last name, city, even major.

“While approaching graduation,” said Kris Smith, Director of the Office of Alumni Relations, “all you can think about is that you have no more classes to attend and the excitement that you are finally free to step out into the real working world. Give yourself about three weeks, and you are really going to miss it. Most of all,” she continues, “you are going to miss your friends. The Alumni Global Network is an easy way that you can easily stay connected,” says Kris Smith, Director of Office of Alumni Relations.

You will also be able to network with alumni worldwide, said Smith. If you are planning a vacation out of the country, you will be able to connect with fellow alumni to find the best hot spots and cheapest hotels. Who knows, maybe even they will even let you stay with them!

Jason C.H. Lee, (B.S.B.A. ’95), the HPU Taiwan alumni chapter coordinator, was quoted in HPU Today as saying: “In the 21st century of the global village, the HPU Global Network will allow us to interact with fellow alumni worldwide.”

Looking for a job? You can post your resume online or search job opportunities with about 50 participating companies linked with the Network. You can also ask other alumni about opportunities in their local areas.

“ It is exciting that alumni and corporations can both benefit through career networking using the Alumni Career Center,” said Jennifer Baker, (M.B.A. ’99) in the same HPU Today article.
The Network will keep you updated with HPU events and also register you to participate if you wish. If you want to know who will be there, you can check the list of registered guests.

A special feature is the option to send E-postcards to friends and family featuring pictures of Hawai’i or even images of Intercultural Day.

Graduating seniors can’t sign up before graduation, but after it, they shouldn’t delay using this free-for-life service of HPU. After graduation, all you have to do is log on to: and follow the directions. Then, have a great life!



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