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Global Citizenship Symposium:

Students, staff share ideas

by Shannon Stollenmaier, News editor

One of HPU’s objectives is to prepare graduates “to live, work, and learn as active members of a global society.” It fulfilled this objective, in part, by providing an open forum for the discussion of concurring and contradictory ideas during the Second Symposium on Global Citizenship, April 17 at the Hawai‘i Loa campus.


The symposium focused on two topics, globalization and global citizenship. Two panels, consisting of professors and graduate students, addressed each topic.

Question and answer sessions were offered after each panel presented, and it was during these sessions that the most lively discussion and exchange of ideas took place, said Dr. Lynette Cruz, assistant professor of anthropology and one of the panelists on global citizenship.

Graduate student and member of the Global Leadership Organization, Nicole Smith said, “I was pleasantly surprised at the level of discussion.” Smith who co-facilitated a lunch-table discussion said that she didn’t come to the first symposium, held last November, but heard that the conversation was more basic.

Freshman Mariah Munro said, “This was a really good way to get people to learn about globalization. We’re exchanging ideas, and that’s what globalization is all about. It’s like there’s mini-globalization going on right here.”

Approximately 90 students, teachers, and faculty members attended the symposium, organized by Student Life and the Office of Academic Administration. The symposium began at 8:30 with a continental breakfast served on the lanai, followed by two panel sessions and lunch.

The lunch was a “working-lunch” in which audience members were divided into groups. Faculty facilitators and student co-facilitators sat at each table to continue the discussion on symposium topics.

The panel on globalization consisted of Dr. Jon Davidann, Dr. Nitti Villinger, assistant professor of management, and Dr. Houston Wood, associate professor of English.

The second panel on global citizenship consisted of Cruz, Dr. Chris Fung, assistant professor of anthropology, Dr. Micheline Soong, assistant professor of English, and graduate students Nyka Kalenga and Jon Fogarty.


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