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Aloha from President Wright
with Chatt G. Wright

March was a busy month as expected. We had a very successful Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) reaccredidation visit. Congratulations to faculty, staff, students, and administrators for demonstrating Hawai‘i Pacific University’s capacity to ensure student’s learning and that we are planning for our future through collaboration among all HPU stakeholders.

April, likewise, is a very busy month. We just completed a highly successful Honors Banquet where numerous awards were bestowed on University students for their outstanding academic performance and service to the school and community. The Honors Banquet is one of the few occasions outside of our graduation ceremonies where the entire University community comes together to celebrate individual and group accomplishments.

Many of the honorees at the banquet attend HPU classes as part of our Military Campus programs. We have over 2500 active-duty military service members, their families, and Department of Defense civilians who attend evening and weekend classes on seven O‘ahu military installations. I am proud that Hawai‘i Pacific University since the 1970s has been advocating the flexibility needed to improve the access to and availability of our educational programs for this group of busy men and women. This year is a particularly trying time for our Military Campus Programs students as many of them are deployed or will deploy from O‘ahu to support the country’s war on terrorism in Afghanistan or to assist in the reconstruction of Iraq. Many military family members who attend our classes both on the military bases and the main campuses have returned to the mainland since their spouses will be deployed for up to a year.

We have responded to the increased need to provide our quality education to our military students wherever they are stationed in the world. In coordination with Options College, Military Campus Programs has significantly expanded its online course offerings. Of the over 200 courses offered each military campus programs term, over 50 courses are now provided via the distance-learning alternative. Through this delivery method Hawai‘i Pacific University is rapidly becoming a truly global university.

I salute the men and women in uniform, and their family members, who dedicate their lives to a profession that protects the freedom that we all too often take for granted.

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