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Job Fair welcomes all students

by Bernadette Bass

Students looking for part-time work on and off campus are invited to the fall HPU Federal Work Study and Part-Time Employment Job Fair Sept. 9, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at 1132 Bishop Street.

The job fair, known in past years as the Federal Work Study Job Fair and organized primarily by HPU’s Office of Financial Aid, originally emphasized employment for students who qualified for Federal Work Study funds: i.e., U.S. citizens with demonstrated financial need. Most of the employers were HPU departments offering only on-campus employment.

As HPU’s Career Services Center (CSC) became more involved, more off-campus employers participated. These were not limited to hiring FWS students, so the fall job fair was renamed this year to welcome all students seeking employment during the school year.

According to Lianne Maeda, director of the CSC, the employers at the fair will hire on the scene as well as take applications for future employment.

Employers with jobs open to students who qualify for Federal Work Study will be on the mezzanine level of the First Hawaiian Tower lobby, Maeda said. Off-campus employers and those with employment open to all students will be on the mall level.

Students may call the Financial Aid Office at 544-0253 or verify their FWS eligibility during the job fair, said financial aid counselor Helen Longao, who also advised students to dress appropriately and to bring copies of their resume and other documents or information to complete applications.

Students should also bring a copy of their fall 2004 course schedule and, if they qualify, their Federal Work Study contract, Longao said.

Maeda said students could check with the CSC for a list of companies that will be present at the job fair. Call 544-0230 for information.


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