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Aloha from President Wright
with Chatt G. Wright

As a new academic year gets underway, I would like to tell you how glad we are that you have chosen to join us at Hawai‘i Pacific University. Some of you are here for the first time while others are returning for another year. For some of you, home was just down the road or a neighbor island away. For others, the journey to HPU has carried you thousands of miles across numerous time zones. We welcome all of you with the spirit of aloha!

Over the years, Hawai‘i Pacific has grown from a college of fewer than a hundred students to a university of many thousands. And yet we have tried not to lose that small college feel. There’s a saying you may have already heard at HPU: we’re high tech, high touch.

You see the high-tech HPU everywhere these days. There’s the computing centers, of course, but now there are also places on campus where you can go wireless. With Web Reg you can register for classes, some of which might be online, and when the semester is over, you can check your grades via Campus Pipeline. The libraries have a growing list of electronic books that can be downloaded from home, and research has never been easier because of the number of online periodicals now available.

But what we really take pride in at HPU is the person-to-person contact we foster among students, faculty, and staff. The required course you take this semester will be small enough that the instructor will know your name, and you’ll recognize everybody in the class.

And that’s not all. When you’re not sure where to turn for help, Academic Advising and Personal Counseling can show you the way.

Need some guidance on a paper? The Tutoring & Testing Center will match you up with a tutor.
Wondering about worship at HPU? The University chaplain has information about religious services.

Looking for a creative outlet? Choral activities, Kalamalama, and HPU Theatre are great places to express yourself.

It’s important to remember that at HPU, there’s always someone you can talk to!

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