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The fine art of student living: Survival skills offer tips for better grades, living

by Sophie Georgiou, staff writer


You are on your own for the first time in your life. You have nobody to cook for you, so what do you do? Living on Big Macs is unhealthy, expensive, and inevitably boring. Fortunately, HPU provides seminars at the beginning of every semester not only in cooking but also in college survival skills. Even better, they are free, open to everyone, and include pizza and soft drinks.

“ The most popular seminars are the academic ones,” said Brad Provines, HPU academic advisor and seminar coordinator.

The academic seminars include presentations such as Time Management, which advises students on how to balance classes, study, work, and personal life; Better Notes=Better Grades, which teaches students strategies that will help them to better prepare for tests; and Successful Test Taking, which gives students tips on how to become more effective at taking tests.

“ In order to succeed, you have to manage time,” said Nick Nichols HPU advisor and presenter of Time Management, which mostly focuses on new students who are looking for skills to help them manage their school priorities so that they will have some personal time left. “The lecture is fun with a lot of interaction among the crowd,” said Nichols.

Better Notes=Better Grades welcomes any level student who wants to improve his or her note taking. The 6Rs of the Cornell note-taking system are presented, along with some DOs and DON’Ts of note-taking. “The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary,” said presenter Jill Merl, quoting the famous hair stylist, Vidal Sassoon. Without effective note-taking skills, students will have nothing to study and so will fail. Malia Chong, former HPU student and present academic advisor, will demonstrate various techniques to help students study for a test. Successful Test Taking is mostly aimed at freshmen students who came out of high school and others who are still seeking a better technique. “Test taking can be fun and rewarding if you have the right technique,” said Chong, who will supply handouts to all students attending as a reminder of the various techniques presented.

Over the years, the seminars have included other subjects at students’ requests, such as How to Use Campus Pipeline and How to Get into Graduate School. However, based on feedback from students who attended the seminars last semester, only the basic academic subjects will be presented this fall, along with a special seminar on Surviving your First Year in college, which will provide general information about how to survive the first year away from home.

“ I think these sessions are a way to get new info and meet other students,” said Karey Santilena, HPU academic advisor and presenter of Surviving your First Year. Santilena will also provide students with tips in how to be safe in the downtown area.

Of course, What’s Cooking? will provide you with information on how to cook a meal with minimal time and ingredients. Ann Yamashiro, HPU advisor, will present this one. “The best part of it is to have a hands-on experience and eat your own creation,” Yamashiro said. Ingredients such as chicken and onions are cooked prior to the presentation. During the presentation, Yamashiro shows students how do do quick and easy dishes such as omelets or noodles. She also gives tips for grocery shopping and links to Web sites with recipes.

“All HPU students are welcome to come,” said Provines. The seminars will be held in UB 211, and each lasts for about an hour. Refreshments and snacks will be provided for who attend.



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