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11 receive Trustees Scholarly Endeavors grants

by Kalamalama staff


Vice President of Academic Administration, Dr. John Fleckles, announced in June the recipients of $31,800 in grants awarded for spring 2004 by the Trustees’ Scholarly Endeavors Committee:



· Dr. Brian Bozlee, associate professor of chemistry, received $2500 in support of a research project, “Measurement of Dimethysulfide in Kane‘ohe Bay” that involves a time series study in Kane‘ohe Bay and the surrounding ocean.


· Dr. Grace Cheng, assistant professor of political science, was granted $2700 toward the costs of a research project in Vietnam during summer 2004 on “Ho Chi Minh Thought” that involves the study of a critical aspect of party politics in Vietnam since the end of the Cold War.
· Dr. ReNel Davis, associate professor of nursing, received a course release for fall 2004 to support analysis of data collected in preparation of an article for a professional journal on “The Chronic Illness Experience of Hawaiian Elders”. Her research involved work with native Hawaiian elders and their families, traditional Hawaiian health practitioners, nurses, and Hawaiian spiritual leaders.
· Dr. Stephen Dye, associate professor of physics, received partial funding up to $2700 in support of preparation of a research project on experimental particle physics and neutrino astrophysics. Dr. Dye will be collaborating on the ASHRA (All-sky Survey High Resolution Air Shower) project that is starting up in Hawai‘i and that involves an international team of investigators from Japan, Taiwan and Hawai‘i.
· Dr. Russell A. Hart, associate professor of history, received a course release for fall 2004 in support of ongoing research and writing on two major studies of the German military in World War II: a historical biography of Heinz Guderian entitled Guderian: Panzer Pioneer or Mythmaker and a co-authored monograph, “Ruins of the Reich: the Collapse of Nazi Germany in 1945”. Dr. Hart has received publication contracts already for both works.

· Dr. F. David Horgen, associate professor of chemistry, received funding up to $5000 in support of a team research project on “The Culture of the Marine Cyanobacteria Symploca Laete-Viridis and Symploca Hydnoides for Bioprocess Intensification of Metabolite Production”. David states that the “scientific significance of this project will be the culturing of two targeted species that have not been previously cultured…At the same time, known target compounds may possess unique structures that are new to science.”

The collaborative project involves work by Dr. Horgen with HPU graduate, Ms. Kristina Mojica, and HPU Visiting Assistant Professor, Dr. Catherine Unabia.

· Dr. Linda Lierheimer, associate professor of humanities, received a course release for fall 2004 in support of preparation of a article that has been accepted for publication in a special issue of the journal, Early Modern France on early modern Cloister voices. The title of her article is “Une Voix Forte et Eclatante: Ursuline Nuns and the Feminization of Eloquence.”
· Dr. Vicky Seiler, associate professor of advertising, received a course release for fall 2004 in support of a research topic on “Taiwanese Tourism: Travel Expenditures in Hawai‘i.” Dr. Vicky Seiler states that the “objective of the research is to develop a travel expenditure model using sociodemographic and travel characteristics to identify the important determinants affecting travel expenditure for Taiwanese travelers visiting Hawai‘i.”
Dr. Saundra Schwartz, associate professor of history and classical studies, received a course release for fall 2004 in support of a project entitled “A Study of Trial Scenes in Ancient Drama.” This will be a chapter for a book manuscript on the representation of justice in the Roman Empire which Dr. Schwartz is preparing for publication.
· Dr. Houston Wood, associate professor of english, received a course release for fall 2004 to support the preparation of two articles “Countering Globalization’s Globalizing Discourse” and “Provincializing Cultural Studies, in Hawai‘i, For Example” and a book proposal entitled: “On the Ground: Research for Specific Places”. The projects will offer a “general explanation and defense of a place-based research perspective while detailing how this perspective is currently being implemented in Hawai‘i, the Solomon Islands, and New Zealand”, according to Dr. Wood.
· Dr. Christopher Winn, associate professor of oceanography, received $2700 in support of a research project entitled “Development of a time-series Monitoring Program at HPU” that involves time series observation program in Kane‘ohe Bay and the near shore waters off East O‘ahu. One of the members of his research team will be Dr. Brian Bozlee whose research project is mentioned above. The intent is to use TSEP funding as a stringboard for developing additional funding from extramural sources for a project that will be ongoing. This project also involves a joint effort between Dr. Winn and Dr. David Ziemann, director of Environmental Programs at The Oceanic Institute and is the first research effort jointly conceived by HPU and OI.


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