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President lies by omission

Special to Kalamalama by Al Lynde


George Bush’s testosterone-laced nomination acceptance speech was a public relations masterpiece—of omission. He ”forgot” to tell us his record of the past four years, and for good reason:

* Neither weapons of mass destruction nor 9/11 links to Iraq have ever been found or proven, despite his reckless assertions when he plunged into a “preemptive” war, for which 90 percent of the casualties are our brave soldiers and almost all the cost, billions of dollars, are paid by American taxpayers.

* On his watch, one million jobs have been lost — the worst record since Herbert Hoover.

* Four million Americans have lost their health insurance since Bush took office. Thirty-plus million remain in poverty.

* His Medicare “reform” package is nothing but a giveaway to pharmaceutical companies and offers little or no benefit to the elderly.

* He declared “mission accomplished” in May 2003. More than a year later, almost 1,000 brave American soldiers are dead, almost 20,000 Iraqis are dead, and thousands of Americans and Iraqis wounded. Did you hear “mission accomplished” in his speech? No. Nor did you hear “Osama bin Laden.”

* Bush turned a $6.5 trillion national surplus (“Testimony of Reserve Board Governor Laurence Meyer before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Banking and Financial Services,” May 3, 2000) into a $7.4 trillion national DEBT (U.S. Treasury Dept.) that will be paid for by generations at the expense of desperately needed social services, education, health, defense, Medicare, and Social Security. Did you hear “deficit” in Bush’s speech?

* He signed the biggest tax giveaway in history to the wealthiest Americans (incomes over $200,000), while jobs are leaving America by the thousands and the middle class finds itself facing stagnating wages, job losses, and often desperate financial straits.

* He has rendered America dangerously unsafe, with practically the entire Muslim world hating us.

* He has articulated neither an Iraq exit strategy nor a plan for peace. Iraq is now a haven for terrorists and America is a poster boy for terrorism.

* He is the first president since 1948 not to attempt a diplomatic solution to the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, adding to the Middle East’s hatred of us.

* He has failed by millions of dollars to fund his own “No Child Behind” education legislation. A better slogan would be “Most Children Left Behind”.

* He continues to remain on the radical right fringe, standing against stem cell research which could be the medical breakthrough of our lifetime. He opposes pro-choice; he appoints extremist judges who disregard the Constitution; and he wastes precious time on anti-gay measures disowned by his own vice president.

* Bush had nothing to say about the cronies he has appointed to his cabinet or about the profits they are reaping from the war in Iraq. Nor about the fines levied against his VP’s former company, Iraq contractor Halliburton: $7.5 million by the SEC for bribes and cost inflations [SEC 2004-104, 8/3/04].

BUT THERE IS HOPE! Unlike Bush, who has no plan for anything except more of the same, U.S. Senators John Kerry and John Edwards actually have a detailed (283-page), realistic plan called, “Our Plan for America.” (See it at

The Democrats’ plan offers hope:

To reduce the enormous deficit; to honorably end the war in Iraq.

To concentrate on beefing up the military to meet future threats from terrorists and nations with real nuclear capabilities like Iran and North Korea.

To cut taxes for 98 percent of Americans and 99 percent of American businesses.

To replace war with diplomacy as America’s primary tool of foreign relations.

To rebuild alliances before mounting unilateral invasions.

To free us from our dependence on foreign oil.

To preserve pro-choice for all women and to expand stem cell research and real health care reform.

To provide scholarships for those kids who really need them.

To bring jobs back from foreign lands and create them at home.

To preserve our precious environment.

Kerry and Edwards offer America strength at home and respect abroad. They offer us, in the words of Hawai‘i’s own Barak Obama, “the audacity of hope.”

Al Lynde, JD, an attorney for the Hawai‘i Civil Rights Commission, teaches political science and law for the HPU Military Campus Programs. He can be reached at




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