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Giving global citizenship dimension: HPU students around the world

by Dr. William Zanella, associate dean, International exchange program


The new semester brings a flurry of comings and goings as HPU sends off students to various parts of the world in an outgoing exchange, while simultaneously welcoming to campus reciprocal exchange students from partner schools. Here is an overview of the latest program participants.


EAI Tech Ceram, located near Cannes, received Monica McCary (public relations) as HPU’s first exchange student last spring. This fall, April Bothelo (psychology), Mary Anne Eisma (pre-med) and Christina Herring (environmental studies/IS) are there taking a variety of general education courses. Selim Cherradi el Fadili, the first EAI Tech student at HPU, is here this fall taking visual communications-related classes. Brenda Weiler (international relations) took a special “Communicating Across Cultures” summer seminar at the Institut National des Telecommunication, as the first exchange student at this school outside of Paris.

Steve Zarubnicky (general business) returned to HPU from a spring semester taking German language classes and business courses (in English) at the Berlin School of Economics. Joining him on campus is Jana Winterberg, a fall exchange student from Berlin.

Three students working towards a minor in Japanese are currently studying at two exchange sites in Japan. Leila Vongey and Brian Clayton (international studies) are at Osaka Gakuin University for two semesters, replacing Michael Blodgett (international studies) and Shiuan-Hong Lin (marketing) who have returned to HPU to continue their studies. Ryan Ishikawa (3-2 engineering) is at Hakodate University, where he receives grants from both the university and the city government. Walter Sanchez (international relations) completed a July program at Hokuriku University where he participated in an international program with students from China, Korea, and Mongolia.

Soonchunhyang University gives HPU exchange students a $125-per-week stipend, a free dorm room, and air transportation, in return for 15 hours of English tutoring per week. This stipend and a curriculum to learn about Korea in English while taking Korean language classes has attracted Johanny Fernandez and, Rafael Figueroa (international relations), Lorena Martinez-Carrasco (theater), Natalie Park (anthropology), Lani Soon (visual com), Mishalla Spearing (anthropology), and Christina Speed (environmental studies) to attend this fall. They join Brian Martin (international relations), continuing at Soonchunhyang for a second semester. For this academic year, Jong-hyun Shin and Yoon-mi Kim are at HPU as exchange students from Soonchunhyang.

A new exchange program at International University of Monaco was launched this semester. Nana Gigloaeva (international relations), Klaudia Racic (political science), Candice Wesemeyer (marketing) and Jennifer Weisman (accounting/finance) are taking classes there until December.

Sandra Gustafsson is spending the fall semester at HPU as an exchange student from Umeå University. She joins Brett Grau (international business) who returned from Umeå as HPU’s first exchange student there. Peter Warda Arbili is here this fall as an exchange student from Jönköping International Business School.

John Rajeski (MBA) took graduate courses last spring at Mahidol University’s College of Management. In return, Mahidol sent Nitisapa Chuthakan to HPU for summer MBA classes. Starting this semester, Mahidol also is accepting HPU undergraduates into its International College program at Salaya. Marcus Klang (international business) is our first student to attend.

To provide more information about the University’s Exchange Student Program, Dr. William Zanella, associate dean, International Exchange Program, will host a meeting at the Sea Warrior Center on Oct. 7, from 1 to 2:30 p.m. HPU representatives who visit these schools will be there, along with present and former exchange students. Refreshments will be served and information distributed.

Now is the time to consider signing up for a spring 2005 exchange student opportunity. For information:; phone: 544-1171.




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