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IONA Pear Dance Company sponsors internships

by Kalamalama staff


IONA Pear Dance Company has announced what HPU graduate student Crystal Brewe, and MA COM major, calls an “amazing internship program,” and it is available to HPU undergraduate and graduate students.

According to Brewe, formerly an Administrative Assistant in the College of Communication and currently director of public relations for the dance company, “the graduate internship program allows students to develop and execute a semester-long project, whereas undergraduates would work with a little more guidance on multiple projects.


The IONA Professional Development Internship Program was developed by the company’s board of directors. It is described as “an individualized internship/apprenticeship program based upon the participants’ diagnosed strengths and in accordance with the specific needs of the sponsoring school system. Hands-on training, shadowing, co-teaching, and supervising will be used to build mastery in all critical communication areas of running a high-energy performing arts company.”

Brewe expects the program to introduce interns to the many facets of the performing arts as well as to event planning and the promotion process. “Activities will focus on many types of events, planning schedules, developing ideas, working with vendors and suppliers, securing sponsors, fulfilling commitments, and developing a communication strategy for event promotions,” Brewe said.

Examples of projects students will be involved with include private performances, fundraising events, company presentations, promotions, and developing client/donor relationships. Some students, Brewe said, will even have the opportunity to travel to the outer islands!

The principles and concepts presented in the program will be transferable to many of the productions interns might be responsible for in the corporate or non-profit worlds, Brewe added. She invites interested students to visit the group’s Web site to get a better understanding of the company and its mission:


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