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Rain fails to drown out Club Carnival

by Robin Hansson, staff writer


Despite occasional showers, the HPU Fall Club Carnival on September 17 saw a record number of clubs participating on Fort Street Mall. With great entertainment from HPU cheerleaders, the dance team, and band, the mall was packed with curious and interested students and pleased staff.

“There will be no tables left this year,” said a clearly stressed Nathan Rudibaugh, Student Life administrative assistant, who was supervising distribution of tables at 9:30 that Friday morning. “We have a total of 62 different clubs this year, and it feels like a lot.”

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Casey Painter, a senior public relations major from Wyoming, signed up for the Public Relation Student Society of America (PRSSA). “I remember my first year at HPU, I signed up for every club just to make friends and find out what was going on.” Now, Painter is more selective. “The thought of joining the PRSSA has been on my mind for a long time. It’s good for networking, and it looks good in your résumé,” said Painter. “I really love the whole concept of the Club Carnival. It’s great to see what others have accomplished.”

At the Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) table, was Tomas Mellin, a business and marketing major from Sweden who had to join the SIFE for one of his business classes. “In the beginning I had little interest in the club,” Mellin said, “but now that I understand how it works, I wish I’d have joined earlier. “One thing I really like with the club is that we help local businesses with a wide variety of things. They learn from us, and we from them,” said Mellin.

For students looking to give back to the community, there is the Rotaract club.

Swedish graduate student Katja Silvera, a veteran of four years, encourages students to join. “We are probably one of the most diverse clubs at HPU,” Silvera said. “Our members can be everything from business to nursing majors, and we all come together as one.” The HPU Rotaract chapter received a great deal of attention recently for organizing a weeklong July trip to Tahiti for underprivileged children.

Club Carnival is an opportunity for students to network and interact, and for clubs to gain members. If you didn’t get a chance to experience it, or if you’re interested in an HPU Club, visit or drop by the Student Life Office in MP 105.



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