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The HPU Amazing Race

by Kalamalama staff


Last week 67 teams of HPU students competed in the first-ever HPU Amazing Race. Ten completed it in 5.5 hours.

No, it wasn’t a reality show; it was HPU’s attempt to encourage its students to learn about the variety of services offered at HPU and at the same time learn how teamwork can promote their success.


“Our goal is to encourage students to learn about the variety of services that we offer before they actually need assistance, so when they do need help, they will know where to go,” said HPU Vice President of Student Support Services Nancy Ellis. The HPU Amazing Race was developed as a fun way to do this, and, continued Ellis, “is seen as an opportunity for new students to meet other students and to learn to work as a member of a team. And, it gives us the opportunity to interact informally with our students,” she added.

The race began on Sept. 24 at 1 p.m. Each team was given a Travel Bag that contained a Game Sheet and a Destination Ticket to the first of 10 campus locations that they must visit.

At each destination the team members received information about that University office or department that helped them answer a race Challenge Question. They also received “Souvenirs”: for example, the HPU Career Services Center gave each student a Pay Day candy bar!

As they finish at each location, the teams draws another Destination Ticket and thus continued until they had visited all 10 destinations, answered all the challenge questions correctly, and submitted their completed game sheet to the HPU Office of Student Life.

Each student on the first 30 teams to successfully complete the HPU Amazing Race received tickets to their Final Destination—Consolidated Movie Ticket Packets good for two movie tickets, two drinks, and two buckets of popcorn! Special prizes were also awarded to the first four teams to finish, and every team that completed the race received a prize.




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