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Student on a Budget

by Christine Ah Yee, Student Life editor and self-proclaimed budget specialist

Welcome back to a new and exciting fall semester. This year “Student on a Budget” will feature great places to get snacks, food and drink on a college student’s budget, which isn’t much..

Many places on our Fort Street Mall campus already offer discounts to HPU students who show their school ID, so make good use of that benefit.

On Fort Street Mall, next to Subway, under the sign of a key, there is a compact, tidy, welcoming food business, Ahi Vege. This is a great hideaway for the hungry and time- and money-conscious person wanting a great meal in a quiet, clean, and air conditioned atmosphere.

Their food is healthy: no MSG, very low sodium, and never fried. Customers have three choices of rice: traditional steamed, brown for the health conscious (different but tasty and delicious), and sushi rice without the sushi filling.

The food fare is mostly Japanese with some twists on Western staples—like adding macaroni salad to a Japanese entree. The vegetables are always fresh, from the three types of lettuce found in your generous salad helping to the colorful garnishes of carrots and radishes. In fact, everything is cut, steamed, and cooked fresh daily.

Their signature dish is a reflection of their name, Ahi Vege: A huge helping of mixed green salad crowned by a generous portion of sliced ‘ahi. This salad comes with your choice of a mild or spicy dressing. On a hungry day you can add a “set,” which includes hot miso soup, complete with seaweed and tofu cubes, and your choice of rice.

The ‘ahi vegetable set is ridiculously priced at $6.72, and it costs less with your student discount.
Also served: a spicy ‘ahi and crab, poke (cube fish) and plain and teriyaki chicken vegetable salads.

Of course, for those of you who don’t like greens, ‘Ahi Vege offers a bowl (donburi) menu. This includes your choice of rice with either spicy ‘ahi, teriyaki chicken, or eel. I ate an exceptional teriyaki chicken donburi set. My student price: $5.50. What a steal!

The ‘Ahi Vege menu also includes beef curry with a small salad, tanuki udon (Japanese noodles in broth), and an assortment of special sushi hand rolls.

Store hours are Monday-Thursday 10-6, Friday 10-4. They are closed on weekends and holidays. If you need to order and pickup, call 599-3500.

If there is any place that you would like me to check out, or if you discover any places with especially great deals, please e-mail me at along with your name and contact information.



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