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German students select HPU

by Ina Hinkelmann, staff writer

Each year, HPU welcomes outstanding students from all over the world, and this year is no different. Last issue we told you about Anna Pivovarova. Now we would like to introduce three exceptional students from Germany who arrived on campus this fall.

Katja Soldin and Anja Frommelt are both recipients of the prestigious Fulbright scholarship and join a select group of students worldwide who have received such an honor. Soldin is attending HPU for just a semester to study finance and marketing, and Frommelt is doing graduate work towards her MBA degree.

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While studying international finance and marketing in Germany, Soldin worked at a bank in Frankfurt for two years. She learned about HPU on the Internet and then attended an information session in Germany. “My marketing class here at HPU is more general and a good reinforcement of the finance-oriented program in Germany,” she said.

Andrea Schaefer, another student from Germany, was awarded a scholarship to HPU by the DAAD (Germany’s equivalent to the Fulbright program). With two young children to care for, Schaefer had the option to either attend a university in Canada or to come to HPU. The school in Canada would have been less expensive; however, it didn’t have a graduate program. “My children then decided that Canada would be too cold and that they would rather live in Hawai‘i,” Schaefer said.

The main reason Schaefer wanted to attend HPU was that she could do a professional certificate in one semester. Her major in Germany is accounting. “With a certificate in organizational change and development,” she said, “I can broaden my studies and also my career chances.”

“ I always wanted to go abroad,” admits Schaefer. “This semester at HPU is a dream come true.”

Schaefer said she is excited about her classes so far. “The connection between academic and practical knowledge is very important for me, and I like it that all my teachers have a positive and motivating attitude towards the students.”

Frommelt and Schaefer are students from HPU’s partner university, the Fachhochschule fuer Wirtschaft (FHW) Berlin, with which HPU has had a cooperation agreement for three years. Soldin is from the Fachhochschule Frankfurt am Main.

“We are very proud that these students chose HPU as their destination,” said Elfi Stephenson, associate director of international marketing and admissions and recruiter for Germany and Austria.



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