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Mark Smith, editor


X Prize: It's time to privatize space expolration

On Oct. 4, SpaceShipOne, the first privately funded manned spacecraft, captured the $10 million X Prize by making its second trip to outer space in less than a week. In doing so, it did more than shatter the boundary of outer space: it destroyed forever the myth that space exploration can only be done by the government.


Presidential election 2004: Candidates, issues, and positions

With fewer than 14 days until the 2004 Presidential Election, young voters appear to be sustaining interest in the election. This is attributed to initiatives such as MTV’s Choose or Lose, the New Voters Project, and Rock the Vote. Presidential candidates are reaching out to young people, expecting them to be the swing vote. But, according to The Youth Vote Coalition, the youth voter turnout rate has declined 13 percent among 18-24 year old voters from1972-2000.


Norwegian view of U.S. presidential elections

When the American people elect their new president in November, they also elect the leader of the world’s remaining super power. This makes the election important not only to residents of the United States, but to the whole world, and especially to America’s allies.


Is it time to abolish the FCC?

The Super Bowl “wardrobe malfunction” is not just a scandal. It’s now been ruled a criminal act: the Federal Communications Commission has fined CBS an incredible half-million dollars for the incident.


Bush's hidden agenda: Is there a national draft in our future?

A key issue for young Americans and their families to consider as they prepare to cast their votes in the upcoming presidential election is the real likelihood of a military draft being reinstated if President Bush is reelected. President Bush should tell us now whether he supports a military draft.


Gaining perspective

Have you ever watched a bird in a cage just sitting on its perch without a care in the world? Have you ever wondered how the poor thing could stand being “trapped” in its personal prison for its entire live?


Will you be next?

With the election around the corner, rumors that the draft might be implemented again have been so strong that the U.S. House of Representatives, on Oct. 5 voted 402-2 to recent the idea.




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