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Service to America Medals awarded

by Kalamalama staff


Employees from eight federal agencies were in Washington, D.C., Sept.27, to receive the 2004 Service to America Medals, which honor the finest achievements of federal employees across the country.

“The Service to America Medals honor the finest achievements of federal employees, and their stories of service teach us valuable lessons about why government matters,”said Timothy B.Clark, editor and president of Government Executive.


The awards went to:

· Robert Clifford, an FBI agent from Charlotte, N.C., who helped convict more than a dozen leaders of the “November 17” group, Europe’s most notorious and elusive terrorist cell.

· Ambassador Prudence Bushnell, Falls Church, Va., who guided the U.S. Embassy in Kenya through the 1998 bombings and was a leading voice for the nation in urging a response to ethnic genocide in Rwanda.

· Nicole Nelson-Jean, a Department of Energy employee who, at 28 years of age, led a U.S delegation to the Artic Circle to negotiate an agreement with Russian officials to better secure Russia’s nuclear weapons stockpiles.

· Brad Gair, a FEMA employee from Brooklyn, N.Y., who oversaw the government’s recovery efforts at Ground Zero after 9/11 and supervised other FEMA rebuilding work in the wake of multiple natural disasters.

· Dr. Deborah Jin, a National Institute of Standards and Technology physicist from Boulder, Colo., who created a new form of matter that may have the potential to improve the nation’s energy efficiency.

· Stephen Browning, of Sausalito, Calif., who led U.S efforts to help Iraqis build their electrical infrastructure, and who acted as the administrative head of multiple Iraq ministries;

· Peter Darling, from Newbury, Mass., who lead the “Operation Kids for Cover” team that shut down an international drug smuggling ring that used rented babies to smuggle cocaine in baby formula cans.

· Eileen Harrington from Kensington, Md., who led the FTC team that created the national “Do Not Call” registry, which has reduced the number of telemarketing calls for more than 60 million Americans.

“ It is all too easy,” said Max Stier, president and CEO of the Partnership for Public Service, “to overlook the important and daily contributions of the men and women in our federal workforce, but they are the heroes behind the headlines who do the nation’s work.”

Stier, speaking at the awards presentation, added: “We congratulate the 2004 Service to America Medals honorees for representing the very best in public service.”

The Service to America medals were created in 2002 by the Partnership for Public Service, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization committed to revitalizing federal government service, and the Atlantic Media Company (publisher of Government Executive, National Journal and The Atlantic Monthly).

Nominations for the 2005 Service to America Medals may be submitted at



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