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Reason Club: Politics center stage

by Talifaitasi Satele, president Reason Club


HPU could very well become a center of island political discussion this fall if the Reason Club can bring off everything it has planned.

The club is organizing a series of educational events to inform students and the public on various issues that affect not only the people of Hawai‘i, but the entire country as well.

Ed Case

The Reason Club has been a Registered Independent Organization at HPU since 1997. Mentored by its advisor, Ken Schoolland, associate professor of economics and political science, it has since its beginning tried to bring special and unusual viewpoints to the campus. This semester, it hopes the political fervor of the impending elections will ignite new interest around the campus in the issues of the 2004 election campaigns.

Sam Slom


On a local level, the Reason Club has invited speakers on a variety of issues such as the city’s monopoly on public transportation, corruption in government, the need for a Hawai‘i think tank, maritime policy (the Jones Act), and small business opportunities.

On a national level, the group aims to address outsourcing, the environment, education, capitalism, welfare, globalization, the war on drugs, immigration, taxation, and more.

The Reason Club has invited Cliff Slater, Loy Weston, Malia Zimmerman, Richard Rowland, Senator Sam Slom and U.S. Representative Ed Case to share their views with HPU students and all who attend the club’s meetings.

In addition to arranging guest speakers, club members regularly watch news reports (such as John Stossel’s “Give Me A Break”) and documentaries and engage in discussions of the opinions and ideas explored.

Those who are eager to express their opinions are encouraged to write to Hawai‘i Reporter’s “Fresh Perspective,” the HPU Kalamalama newspaper, or other media outlets. Group members can also be a part of Reason’s group e-mails and share ideas over the net.

The Reason Club is classified as a special interest group, but any event that has an effect on society is considered an interest for the club to explore. This is where diversity of our membership is very important. Everyone’s view contributes to the Reason process. All views are welcome and appreciated. E-mail Tali-faitasi Satele at


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