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Meissner, students hook up in Europe, Asia

by Kalamalama staff



HPU finance professor Gunter Meissner met with several of his students last summer, as he traveled the world presenting his latest research on credit derivatives at several universities.


Meissner visited Germany, England, and Thailand, and at the Hochschule fuer Bankwirtschaft (HfB), HPU’s sister university in Frankfurt, he hooked up with several HPU transfer students and a former colleague, Professor Wolfgang Schmidt.

Meissner and Schmidt worked on deriving mathematical algorithms for exotic derivatives at Deutsche Bank in 1993-1994, when Meissner was head of Product Development.

Meissner presented his research also at the International University of Bremen, one of Germany’s new private universities that will offer a degree in mathematical finance starting 2005.

At the University of London, Imperial College, Meissner presented joint research with Janne Kettunen, a 2002 HPU graduate. Kettunen now works for Tradition, one of Deutsche Bank’s main financial brokerage providers.

Meissner is trying to establish an HPU student network in London, where students can get information, advice and help on finance jobs. Currently in London are Bogdan Zdziech, ‘00, who works at Nomura as a credit derivatives structurer, and Daniel Ahlgren, ‘02, who works at Deutsche Bank in credit risk management. Currently, there is an HPU finance network in New York with about 15 students.

Meissner also gave a talk on “Credit Derivatives–Pricing and Risk Management” at the Bank of Thailand and taught a course on financial engineering at Thammasat University. “A financial engineering course.” Meissner explained, “combines financial innovations—such as futures, swaps, and options—to financial structures that often have a higher return than standard market instruments since they precisely reflect current economic and financial conditions.”

Given undergraduate and graduate curriculum approval, Meissner will teach a new course at HPU in spring 2005: Risk Management – Identifying, Measuring, and Managing Corporate Risk. “The risk management divisions of many corporations are currently expanding vastly worldwide,” Meissner said, explaining that “the Bank for International Settlement has set new guidelines for risk management that will apply in 2006. Hence, job opportunities for HPU graduates are excellent in the risk management area.”

Blackwell will publish Meissner’s new book, Credit Derivatives – Application, Pricing, and Risk Management, this fall, and will present a model on pricing and risk management of credit derivatives at MIT, Cambridge, in November.


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