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President's Hosts inducted

by Janine Dissmore, staff writer


HPU inducted 52 new President’s Hosts at Waialae County Club Tuesday Oct.19. “The President’s Host program recognizes students who truly represent the University in academics, extra curricular activities, athletics, and throughout the community,” said Heather Hubbard, director of Student Life. “It is an honor for me to get to know these students, and the entire University is proud,” Hubbard added.


The program was developed by the President Chatt G. Wright and has been honoring students for 22 years. “Currently, around the world, there are 750 President’s Hosts,” Wright told the audience, which included more than 50 returning hosts, faculty, and staff.

Each semester HPU faculty and staff nominate students who they feel qualify as a President’s Hosts:

• Good academic standing.

• Active in student life.

• Articulate, and socially comfortable.

The Student Life office collects the nominations; the president himself reviews each of the nominees, and personally selects each student. Once chosen, the new hosts volunteer at various University events on and off campus and act as ambassadors throughout the community.

Nathan Rudibaugh was inducted as a President’s Hosts fall 2001 and currently is staff here at HPU. “There are a lot of clubs and organizations that students can be involved in on campus, but there are no overall outstanding student recognition programs.” Rudibaugh said “The President’s Hosts embodies these ideals and fills the void.”

The new hosts are:

Audrey Alvarez, Hawai‘i
Jeffery Blias, Hawai’i
Howard Brode III, Hawai‘i
Lucy Bone, Arizona
Erin Bullock, Colorado
Livelene Cabanera, Hawai‘i
Cristian Clemente, Sweden
Paul Cormier, Conn.
Janine Dissmore, Wash.
Steven Dowell, Hawai‘i
Alex Dumlao, Phillipines
Ellaine Felipe, Hawai‘i
Kristina Gaspar, Hawai‘i
Tracy Gentry, Oregon
Cami Nichole, Calif.
Maile Harder, Hawai‘i
Marco Hedelund, Calif.
Laura Hess, Hawai‘i
Joseph Hutchinson, Calif.
Nyka Kalenga, Calif.
Briana Kaya, Hawai‘i
Alec Leehane, South Korea
Mikael Johnny Limdvall, Sweden
Anlun Aaron Loy, Singapore
Lavonne Makia, Hawai‘i
Jennifer McNeal, Hawai‘i
Lauren Muckleroy, Texas
Philip Nufer, Wash.
Monica Occhetti, Ohio
Melissa Opacic, N. J.
Jonathan Patterson, Kansas
Elif Pilon, Hawai‘i
Daniella Ramirez, Chile
Noora Reda, Hawai‘i
Dani Rein, Calif.
Ashley Robinson, Indiana
Elise Rosica, New York
Jed Sana, Guam
Rachel Schwichert, Wis.
Jason Show, Texas
Stephanie Snyder, Hawai‘i
James Sopel, Mass.
Therese Svensson, Sweden
Talsha Tadeo, Hawai‘i
Nicholus R. Teneyugue, Minn.
Lyanna Tumaneng, Hawai‘i
Nicole Uritz, Calif.
Oleg (llbarovich) Valiev, Kyrgyzstan
Aela Vely-Jouffe, Hawai‘i


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