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X country on right foot

by Ano Puchalski, staff writer


HPU’s cross country team has managed to get off to a running start by capturing and securing victories in both the men’s and women’s divisions this season.

Three HPU runners finished in the top 10 at the Hawai‘i Loa campus Oct. 9, where the Sea Warriors played host at HPU’s annual cross country invitational.

Harald Buerkle and Matt Stevens finished in the sixth and ninth spots of the men’s 10k race with a time of 33:37 (Buerkle) and 34:09 (Stevens) to put them in the top 10. Stevens, of Kailua, has been making the biggest impact on the team this year by capturing first place in three of the first four cross country invitationals.

In the women’s 6k race, HPU’s Masako Sagawa finished in the ninth spot with a time of 24:05.
Four Lady Sea Warriors - Heather Postema, Mallory Anderson, Margret Gillan, and Windee Guydos - tacked on an additional 89 points for HPU. Postema finished only a fraction off second behind Sagawa with a time of 24:27, coming in at 11th place.

HPU’s Aaron Norton, who finished in 13th place with a time of 34:45, secured HPU’s third-place victory in the invitational. “It was the longest race I’ve run in my life,” said Jennifer Baron, a new face on HPU’s cross country team, “but it was fun.”

The Sea Warriors are currently under the direction of new Head Coach and former HPU cross country stand-out, Christian Friis. Although one of the Sea Warriors top runners, William Ngetich, is currently sitting out, recovering from a serious foot injury, HPU’s cross country team shows no signs of slowing down this season.


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