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TIMSO cruises barefoot

by Oystein Valen,TIMSO PR director


More than one person regretted not applying enough sunscreen Oct. 2, when the Travel Industry Management Student Organization (TIMSO) headed out to sea for three hours of barefoot fun in the sun. About 30 students had signed up for this social event that, judging by the feedback from participants, might well become a biannual feature of TIMSO at HPU.


Schooling fish and occasional sea turtles added to the excitement as the cruise ship, which can hold up to 200 persons, moored at Turtle Canyon just a few furlongs off the beaches of Waikiki. Snorkeling gear and a water trampoline were provided for passengers’ pleasure, and eager students did not hesitate to hit the water. Bolder ones even used the waterslide going from the top deck of the ship.

While some enjoyed the cool refreshing seawater, others took the opportunity to get to know fellow members of TIMSO over ice-cold sodas and appetizing food from the grill. Competitive students entered the Big Splash Contest: who could make the biggest splash going down the waterslide? HPU took home prizes for the biggest and smallest splashes for the women’s division, as well as the biggest splash for the men’s bracket – a prize-winning two-gigaton belly flop by Oystein Valen.

On the way back to Kewalo Basin for debarkation, five hand-picked dancing virtuosi were selected to perform a very demanding closing sequence, among them TIMSO’s very own Jerome F. Agrusa, Ph.D., TIM professor and TIMSO faculty advisor. In a performance that would have outclassed the Moscow Ballet’s “Nutcracker” suite, the Fantastic Five set the standard for all future hula dance sessions, to the ear-deafening applause of delighted TIM students who clearly had not yet found their land legs.



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