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Go around the world in a single day

by Kalamalama staff


On Oct. 29, HPU proved again its commitment to providing an American education to a diverse student body within an international context created by students from more than 100 countries studying in a multicultural Hawai‘i community.

The University’s annual Intercultural Day, held in the last few weeks of every spring semester, originated as a way for students at HPU to come together to share traditions and customs and participate in cultures other than their own.

“The event has proved so successful that in spring 2005, the public may be invited to participate,” said Nancy Ellis, vice president and dean of Student Services. It’s also proved so popular that HPU has begun, regularly, to hold a fall semester preview day.

That’s what happened last Friday, as students came together on Fort Street Mall to learn from each other what HPU Intercultural Day is all about. Groups who participated in last year’s event reprised their performances and displayed their exhibits of costumes, food, and artifacts, giving new students an idea of what to expect at Intercultural Day 2005.

Like the spring Intercultural Day, the fall preview promotes the active participation of students and visitors who are able to “touch others” through colorful and vibrant costumes, exhibits, country flags, dances, songs, and stories.

The campus-wide Intercultural Day event is structured to promote meaningful interactions among people of many different cultures and backgrounds. As people visit country exhibits, enthusiastic students, eager to share information about their traditions, crafts, customs, costumes, and foods, greeted them, made them welcome in the context of their own cultures.

Those who went visiting were able to “travel around the world” in a single day.



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